Hi there, I’m Dr PiPe.

I’m a Youtube Edutainer, creator, maker and product reviewer, based in London, I produce “A day in the life of a plumber” – a series of over 100 videos and counting !!!

See my videos on: www.youtube.com/drpipe.

Sourced from my daily grind working in the capital, covering all the very best and the very worst of a crazy day’s plumbing, from tips tricks, leaks and floods, to the sanctuary of my workshop/shed, to create tools for the REAL everyday. Here are just some of those tools, and links you may enjoy, find me here and subscribe.

Each of my products are uniquely handmade, from creation to design to final machining and finish. The tools I create are manufactured in the best materials for the job including aluminium, steel, brass. Some are 3D printed, not mass produced, right here in the UK, and with care and attention to detail.

I like to create, honest durable, time and energy saving products to de-stress and lighten your day.

All items for sale are “Trade only”. You will need to be either registered business or a sole trader. These items are not for retail sale or use.

Great design and product

Just a review of the ManupClip. As always a great design and product, keeps my tool bag tidy and compact. Rreally wish we could use Bluetooth hoses 😝 but this product is just as good at keeping things tidy and extremely easy to use. Seems really strong as has held up to some abuse in the last few weeks. Keep up the great product design.

Thank you


Ingenious Invention

For years I’ve struggled with my big hands to reach the drain point at the baxi 105 HE range due to the trap placement. After I saw your ingenious invention I was hooked and instantly purchased one the “Baxi ISO Spanner”. Let me tell you It didn’t disappoint! Probably one on my best and most used tools now. It’s sturdy well designed and a pleasure to use. Please keep up the great work your changing the industry for the better.
Thank you,

A good bit of kit

I’ve been using your pipe lagging tool again today. Had it nearly a year and I use it loads, such a good bit of kit honestly makes such a good job of something that I might otherwise be tempted not to bother with.