1. What’s that watch you wear on your wrist? … Remotes for cameras
  2. Why do you speak so quietly?… I’m in a customer’s house & clearly am respectful of their space!
  3. Do you need an apprentice? … As much as I would love help on a lot of my jobs, I find it distracting, so no.
  4. How old am I? … 21
  5. How long have I been working? … Since I was 15.
  6. What advice would I give apprentices? … Take things apart off-site and learn. Learning begins when work ends. Because you have finished working does NOT mean you can switch off. Switch ON or Sod off. …………. The 9-5 attitude sucks. As someone who has worked 24/7 and occasionally does, your always on call, expect relationships to be difficult, expect to get little sleep, expect the unexpected, expect to learn day in day out for everyday you’re in this game.
  7. Why did I start YouTube channel? … To document my life in video format. I find diaries testing. I never thought people would actually watch this stuff ! I tell very few people I actually do this, Even my own kids still don’t know ! Don’t see the relevance myself.
  8. How long Have I been doing YouTube? … 2 Years and over 100 videos.
  9. Will I keep doing it? … I enjoy the process shooting film, editing and making it watchable.
  10. How long does it take to make a video? … Depends on the length of the film, but a typical 12 minute film will take 3 to 4 hours, excluding shooting time which generally is x3 longer to do the job.
  11. What’s the van you drive? … I drive a VW Transporter 2008
  12. Will I ever do a van tour? … This is a tough one… I always said if I got 10k subs then I would think seriously about doing it.
  13. Can I contact you? Yes thru email… but don’t expect an answer!
  14. Favourite Tools?.. The ones with the most stories to them.
  15. Why DoC?…. ¬†Another day.
  16. Where can I buy your gizmos? … Right here, right now!
  17. What things annoy you the most? … So many… but the one that stands out is when I post something with facts, figures, website details etc…. And someone hasn’t read anything and asks the same question as I have answered !
  18. The Tube Lagger is stuck in the 22mm? … Don’t push it in so far next time! Its a wedge fit so the harder you force in the harder it will be to remove.
  19. How long is the delivery time? … 7 days normally