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A speedy and effective tool to use with 13mm wall lagging. 22mm and 15mm pipes.

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My latest innovative product combines both speed and simplicity in a two piece design that covers all your 22mm and 15mm pipe lagging needs. For use only with 13mm wall insulation lagging.

From a simple 90o bend, to both sections of a T joint. The simple design allows both parts to nestle within the 22mm docking station, encompassing a flat base for sturdy application. The tubes feature “Sight” lines for perfect alignment every time.

This product is 3D printed.

The initial run will consist of prototypes. They will be in stealth Green only ! So become part of the initial journey of the development of this product, from dream to conception. Thank you.

This product has been tested on many variants of 13mm wall thick Insulation. Climaflex, Armaflex and a few others. We found variantions in ALL the products we tried. With this in mind this product will not fit all samples perfectly some will be a little tight and some a little loose, But the vast majority should fit perfectly- 90% in our testing. With this in mind we would suggest this;

With the insulation ready for the job, the ones that you find that will not slide thru the Pipe lagger Pro.. use those for straight runs and the rest use for your cuts and variations. Enjoy.

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Thank you for purchasing Tube Lagger Pro (TLP)

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I’m a perfectionist. However, I realised early on in Tube Lagger Pro’s development that all we installers need is simply a good tool to do the job rather than some overly complicated expensive engineering perfection. With that in mind, below are some tips to make your life easier.

First, as you’ll have realised, the Tube Lagger Pro is 3D printed. 3D printing is great for applications such as this (low volume products) but it’s far from perfect. Please take note:

  • Treat it with a little respect. Do not put excessive weight on it and try not to drop it.
  • Keep them coupled together when not in use as they are stronger when stored together.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut the insulation and use the TLP as a guide NOT a cutting surface. See my video on YouTube. If you cut into the product you WILL weaken it and you WILL shorten its life. If you do cut into its surface, you can gently sand out imperfections.
  •  If using a fully extended blade make sure to retract it when you’ve done


  • Use the alignment marks in the TLP to make repeatable cuts
  • Always test on a spare piece of lagging before committing yourself to any job
  • To remove the inner template, push with your thumb from the vertical end NOT the 45 degree end. The inner template will come out the 45 degree end. Reassemble in opposite direction.
  • Not all insulation is identical in outside dia. Any that is too big to fit inside the TLP put to one side to be used on straight runs. TLP is sized to fit approx. 90% of supplied lagging so perfect for angles & Tees.
  • ALWAYS store them together

To make the next version even better, please share your experiences via social media using the hashtag #RateMyMitre. Constructive, objective feedback is vital for all products because it can only ever make things better. Feel free to post images and videos so that not only other trades people but customers too can see how much you care about doing a great job.

Thank you & enjoy

Dr PiPe

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